Crafting a strong cyber security strategy is imperative

Its a new day when it comes to computer and network security and anyone who ignores this topic will eventually pay a stiff price. Todays cyber security threats are smarter, more dangerous, and mutate quickly. The consequences of a data breach can include lost credit card and bank information, lost passwords, stolen customer data, expensive compliance violations, identity theft and more.

As your security and IT partner, EDM Automation delivers the tools and the know-how used by the largest companies to help you stay ahead of the curve and your competition while making sure you are compliant with whatever industry regulations you may face.

It's Coming
  1. That day a hacker steals and encrypts critical data that renders your office non-functional.
  2. That day when your bank account or credit card is compromised.
  3. That day when your customers’ private lives are uprooted and you find you have a liability risk.
  4. That day when you are called for a compliance audit.

Planning is essential and most compliance enforcement agencies are clamping down on what they consider blatant cyber security negligence. Call us now to get a free consultation and you will also learn that it does not have to cost a lot of money to have a world-class cyber security solution.

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Prepare, Identify, Contain and Remove

Doing nothing is a choice but it is the worst choice when trying to avoid a security disaster. We suggest that you prepare first by having a candid discussion on the options that are at your disposal with a competent cyber security professional. if you would like to schedule a time now, fill in the form on the right of this page or click on the "Get More Info" button at the bottom.

Preparation is having the cyber security infrastructure (security fabric), network segmentation, monitoring solution, remediation solution, and endpoint protection in place before you have an incident. The solutions you choose should give you a way to identify a threat immediately, isolate or contain it and finally remove the threat altogether.

Small business or large enterprise – we got you covered

EDM Automation provides best-of-class cyber security solutions that are affordable for even the smallest business but robust, reliable and versatile enough for the largest and most discriminating organizations. All of our solutions solve your main criteria which is to identify, contain and remove threats, as well as, satisfy your worst compliance challenges.

Here are some of the ways we can help you...

  • Enterprise-class cyber security solutions with forensics, remediation, and reports
  • Network and server business-class firewalls
  • Complete SIEM solutions with live Monitoring and remediation
  • Enterprise-grade endpoint security
  • Email filtering, scanning, and management
  • CMMC,NIST sp 800-171, HIPAA and PCI Compliance and more.
  • "Deny-All" and VLAN segregation solutions
  • FREE vulnerablity testing and reports
  • Employee training

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Let us help you solve your IT network cyber security challenges. Remember, it is not "if" but "when" will something happen to stop your business processes - make sure you are prepared before the inevitable happens. Our clients will be glad to tell you that it is not as expensive as you may think and the small costs far out weigh the prospects of a liability suit, losing data completely or being down for potentailly weeks at a time.

There are several ways to approach a security solution and at EDM Automation we understand your concerns so we have options and alternatives to keep costs down, retain high performance and spread costs when applicable.

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