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Given the increasingly stringent cyber-security regulations in all industries, you can no longer put compliance on the back burner.  Being compliant requires both fulfilling all your obligations under applicable regulatory standards and providing proof of the same.  Thus, in order to pass critical audits, you must have documented validation of compliance. You need a comprehensive solution that automates and streamlines your compliance processes, making it easier for you to adhere to extensive regulatory requirements.  

Streamline Your Regulatory Processes with Compliance as a Service. Compliance as a Service (CaaS) is an IT solution that employs cloud computing to store data and manage regulatory compliance for businesses.  It not only stores sensitive data in compliance with regulatory requirements but also helps in reporting and managing compliance across your organization - and it's affordable.

Why do you need to get compliant now?

According to recent gartner surveys, roughly 95% of companies have been a victim of some cyberattack.  Regular risk assessments are not only required by most regulatory agencies but they can uncover vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. Consider the following...

  1. Compliance violations have hefty penalties that can overwhelm or even bankrupt your business.
  2. Breaches can severely damage your business' reputation.
  3. Regulatory enforcement finds you and audits are performed - from any reported incident, from anyone.
  4. Many regulatory agencies only give you 10 days to respond to documentation requests.

Don't wait for a problem, it's coming but rather get prepared now. The reality is that professional assistance is required to handle the complexity of audits and maintain the right documentation and we can provide it for you very affordably.

What do you need to get compliant now?

You need the proper documentation first! For example, in the healthcare industry (like most others) HIPAA requires some basic documentation. Let's take a look at the most basic requirements...

  1. Risk assessment
  2. Policies and procedures
  3. Management Plan
  4. Network security

Typically regulatory enforcement agencies are not seeking you out as such, but when a breach happens you will then be audited. The auditors are not generally technically oriented and will not typically be going into your IT infrastructure to check for violations, at first. Instead, they will immediately ask for your documentation - without it, your are considered guilty.

Compliance Iliistration


You may not be 100% compliant yet but you better have proper documentation showing that you are aware of that fact and that you have a plan and are working on achieving compliance in the future.

Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) provides an affordable, cost-effective approach to organizing your plan and providing compliance documentation. EDM Automation makes it easy to understand and implement and we assure you that at any given time you will have the required documents and reports to satisfy your auditors.

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EDM Automation provides best-of-class compliance solutions that are affordable for even the smallest business but robust, reliable and versatile enough for the largest and most discriminating organizations. All of our solutions solve your worst compliance challenges while making it easy for you to implement and update.

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