Full-Service VOIP Phone Solutions

What is VOIP?

VOIP stands for "Voice Over IP." It means that your business phone system uses channels within the Internet and as such, can provide very affordable and extraordinarily versatile phone services. VOIP phones can be setup almost instantly and without the high costs of traditional phones - There are no minimum devices required, you can get 1 or 100 phones. The real advantage is the incredible versatility to be able to plug your phone anywhere there is Internet access and have it act the same as if it were in your office, regardless of the distance. This is extremely beneficial for branches and work-at-home employees. In summary, VOIP offers a very versatile, low-cost solution for phones and communication that can easily scale with the growth of your business.

Why Choose Our VOIP Phone Service?

At EDM Automation our business phone service is enterprise-grade with redundant servers in geographically disperse regions throughout to ensure high reliability and sound quality. We support most VOIP phone manufacturers including Panasonic, Yealink, Polycom, Cisco and many others. Our pricing is more than competitive and our feature list is extensive. We provide businesses throughout Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Newport News, Norfolk and all of Hampton Roads business-class audio quality, reliability, useful features and a low price.

Key features include...

security Illistration

We provide planning, phone sales and service, installation, support and management all for probably less than what you spend now. No job too big or too small. Click on the "Send Message" button on the right side or call us direct at 757-500-5054 to get a FREE consultation or demonstration with absolutely no pressure or obligation.

Special Needs Not A Problem

Are you moving to a new location? Do you need work done fast? Do you have a special situation or do you need financing? If so, not a problem - we can do it. Bottom line - we can take care of your phones, computers and network so you can run your business.    Click here for a brochure

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