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Desktop Scanner

Desktop Scanners

One-finger, one-click scanning from your desktop to your favorite destinations.

Affordable but powerful document scanners that take up very little space.

Our Kodak desktop scanners are fast, affordable, reliable and long-lasting. They serve as the on-ramp for your document workflows and archiving procudures. Scan in color, grayscale or black & white at speeds that range from 40 pages a minute to 60 pages a minute and scan backsides automatically - Kodak will delete blank pages, auto rotate crop and deskew for you.

We have demonstrations, free trials and leasing programs for all of our Kodak scanners.

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Workgroup scanner

Workgroup Scanners

Convert mountains of paper to searchable electronic files in minutes with just one click.

Paper is expensive to store and manage. Now you can convert space used for low-return storage into a high-return, high-value proposition.

Kodak workgroup and production scanners bring paper conversion to a whole new level with awesome features like autocropping, auto-rotating, ultra-sound detection, fragile paper monitorring etc... They can scan paper at speeds of 100 pages per minute plus - great for archiving old files or centrallizing scanning amongst departments and branches.

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Document Solutions

Document Automation

Combine document scanners
with automation software.

We have the tools that can help you eliminate bottlenecks and save money.

Kodak and EDM Automation have teamed up to provide one-click scanning for almost any task including faxing, scan to document systems, cloud programs and more.

EDM Automation brings it all together with tools and expertise.

We have a vast array of useful tools to automate any process. Better automation means savings and improved morale.

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