IT Managed Services


Comprehensive and Affordable IT solutions

Whether you’re a small business that wants a well run, fast computer network or an IT Director that needs some competent outsourcing alternatives, EDM Automation offers the most affordable solutions for designing, installing, optimizing securing and managing computer networks, servers, PC's and their attached devices.

Our maintenance programs or "Managed Services" combine innovative hardware monitoring tools that help us spot problems early and rectify them before they become a bigger business problem. We combine both remote and on-site support personnel and escalation procedures for prompt issue resolution.

Our services include top-shelf tools and automation but most users just like our chat button because they get instance response to almost any problem. Managed services means predictable costs and the peace of mind that your business won't stop for unexpected delays, slow-downs or a loss of data.

Maintenance plans include the following...
  •     Hardware monitoring for PC's, servers, and mobile devices
  •     Windows OS patch management
  •     Scheduling for off-hours patching, updates, reboots, etc...
  •     Detailed reports
  •     Business grade security suite
  •     Over 2000 alerts monitored with exclusive Intellimon™
  •     Managed Backup solutions with instant restore
  •     Time and money saving tools
  •      and more...

Call us now and end your frustrations, friendly reliable help is on the way.

Compelling New Technologies

Full-Service Help Desk & Maintenance

We specialize in providing small businesses with world-class, budget-friendly solutions. We acheive this by incorporating revolutionary new technology that solves problems in advance. Meanwhile, your users get a chat button on their desktop and a direct support phone number for "anytime" instantaneous remote or on-site IT support and help-desk.

World-Class Monitoring and Management

Our tools provide best of breed monitoring of over 2000 events, executive reporting, patch and update scheduling during off times, time -saving scripting of work tasks, immediate remediation and action according to your rules of engagement. Bottom line - we can take care of your computers and network so you can run your business.

Security, Backup & Automation - the Big 3

We always cover the three most important areas often overlooked or taken for granted - Security, Backup and Automation. First, we automatically include 4 layers of security from your Internet access all the the way to your individual end points. Second, we have a fool-proof backup plan with on-site and off-site versioned backup and finally, we include innovative office automation that will easily pay for our services.

100% Guaranteed Services

We guarantee our services 100% and we make sure you are completely satisfied. No long term contracts are required. No expensive hardware purchases. Our top-notch technicians are highly competent and certified in all aspects of computer networking, IT infrastructure, security, as well as, having expertise in all current technologies. Additionally, we have a long list of referrences and testimonials available upon request.


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