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Protect, Share and Manage Your Information.

Electronic Document Management (EDM) is a mature and proven technology that will save you countless hours and endless frustration by making your most important documents available instantly - from anywhere.

Document management systems come in two basic flavors - cloud based and on-premise and provide a universal repository for your most important information. Additionally, there is embedded protocal and procedures that make it easy for your organization to automatically adhere to best practices. Its easy to enforce naming conventions and classification and there is a high level of built-in security. The result is the ability to find information instantly from anywhere.

Here are just a few Benefits to these systems...

  •     Time and labor savings
  •     Regulatory Compliance
  •     Disaster Recovery
  •     Security
  •     Mobile Access

Let us know more about your project and we can help you to customize the best solution.

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System Types

Cloud Based Systems

Cloud based systems offer compelling value and often are the best way for an organization to get started with electronic document management. Here are some other benefits...

  •     Instant set-up, low cost
  •     Unlimited Users
  •     Access from anywhere, anytime
  •     No long-term contracts
  •     Easy migration to other systems

EDM Automation is the national marketing division for DiVA™ - a professional cloud-based document management system. DiVA™ is the best secure, HIPAA compliant, document management system we can find for the price.

DiVA™ is a favorite for anyone that has used it and for a reasonably low price the system includes workflow, reporting, versatile importing and scanning options, unlimited users, and much more. Try it FREE for 15 days with unlimited support and full functionality and see for yourself.

On-Premise Systems

On-premise systems is software that is installed on your servers. The data resides on your premises and this may be preferable depending on your requirements and organizational directives. We represent best of breed systems like Square9 SmartSearch™ and other high-end systems. Some of these systems have very high-end components that may include, workflow, records management, electronic forms, capture and capture workflow and more. Feel free to discuss, we charge nothing for initial consultations.

Hybrid Options

Some people want the best of both world's, which might mean having a system on-premise that also is available like a cloud based system. The advantage is that you have complete control over your data and images and you always have a live system available even if your connection to the Internet shuts down or is not available. Ask us about hybrid systems and let us help you decide if it is right for you.

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We also represent high-end systems and software from the following manufacturers...

  •     EMC - ApplicationXtender cloud-based document systems
  •     Filebound Cloud-based document management
  •     iDatix on-premise document management systems

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