We Specialize in Capture Solutions


What Is Capture

Learn more about this secret for lowering time and labor costs, automating processes, and ensuring that your documents can be found, shared and moved from system to system. Also known as the on-ramp for documents, capture serves a very important role in an organization.


Capture Software

We represent best-of-breed software. Every capture product is a little different, let us help you to find the right match of technology and capabilities for your project.

  •     SimpleIndex
  •     Kofax
  •     Kodak Capture
  •     PsiGen
  •     Abbyy
  •     Capsys
  •     Ephesoft

Capture Cloud Services

Don't want to use staff to learn software? then pay for what you use with our cloud based capture services. You can set-up small or big jobs that are one-time or on-going projects. You get the advantage of our experience and high-end technology so you know the job will be done right.

  •     Full-text OCR
  •     Barcode Recogition
  •     Zonal OCR
  •     Database Validation
  •     Full-service capture

Capture Workflows

Capture workflows allow you to go a step beyond capture and automate the process which may include, routing and notifications or more advanced workflows. Extracted data can even be imported or shared with your existing line of business to eliminate manual keying of information.

  •     EDM Middleware
  •     Square9 Capture Workflow
  •     PsiGen
  •     Notable Solutions
  •     Mobile on-boarding